{SV} Scoreboard Help

The information displayed on the Score Board can be sorted and organized on the fly using the buttons found on the control panel which is located at the bottom of the Score Board itself.

 sb-cpanel Courses The Course button presents the user with a list of all courses for which this Score Board has data saved.  The user can then select a board from the list and the display will show only results for that course.
 sb-cpanel Pony The Pony button presents the user with text window which they can use to enter all or part of a pony’s name.  This will limit the Score Board to displaying only names matching the entered text.
 sb-cpanel Sort

The Sort button will open a menu with options for sorting the display based on course, pony, score, adjusted time, and chronological order.

Click here for detailed instructions on the Sort options.

sb-cpanel Display This button clears all display options and returns the Score Board to the default view – results displayed with the most recent first.
sb-cpanel Settings

The Settings button opens a menu which permits authorized users to change the Score Board’s configuration.

For more detailed instructions on the Settings menu click here.

 sb-cpanel Help The Help button provides several help pages.
 sc-cpanel Page UD

The Score Board displays ten lines of data at a time but you can use the up and down arrows to step through additional data.

Clicking the Display button will return the Score Board to its default display.