{SV} Hurdle Settings

Most of the Hurdle settings can be made via the Start / Finish Line and/or the Course Builder HUD, both of which can be used to set multiple hurdles in a single action.  If it becomes necessary to adjust individual settings on a hurdle you can use the following menu options:

 h-btn Course ID UD

Each course is made up of a combination of a Start / Finish line and one or more Hurdles.  The Course ID is what links them together.  Every Hurdle, and the Start / Finish Line must all be set to the same Course ID.

Use the up and down arrows to change the Course ID.

 h-btn Hurdle ID UD

 Each Hurdle in a course has to have it’s own Hurdle ID.  This is the number which is shown on the Hurdle itself, and it’s also used to track disqualifications due to missed hurdles, and plays a part in the scoring system.

Use the up and down arrows to change the Hurdle ID

 h-btn Handicap UD

 It’s possible to add a small “bonus” to a pony’s score for successfully navigating a particularly difficult hurdle.  This is refereed to as a handicap.  Handicaps can be set from 1 to 5 and they only effect the score, the do not change the adjusted time.

Use the up and down arrows to change the Handicap.

h-btn Reset  Resets the hurdle script.
sb-btn Close  Closes the pop up menu and releases the script resources.