{SV} Start / Finish Line Settings

The Start / Finish Line – aside from obviously being the start and finish point for a course – is used to manage course settings via the Settings button on the control panel.  Assuming that you have access to the Settings menu you’ll be given the following options:

sl-btn Set Name Sets the name for this course.  Names can be up to 15 letters long and should be unique and descriptive.  The name will appear on the scoreboard set to monitor this course, and will be saved to the database for future retrieval.
sl-btn +Course ID sl-btn -Course ID

These buttons allow you to increase or decrease the Course ID number.

The Course ID Number is used to identify all of the hurdles which make up a specific course.  Each course in the same sim must have a unique Course ID number.

sl-btn +Board IDsl-btn -Board ID

These buttons allow you to increase or decrease the Board ID number.

The Board ID number is used to communicate the results of a race to a Score Board or Score Recorder.  Multiple courses can use the same Board ID.

sl-btn Menu Toggles the Settings menu access level from Owner – meaning that only the avatar who owns this Start / Finish Line can access the Settings menu, to Group – meaning that any member of the same group as the Start / Finish Line with the group tag active can access the Settings menu.
sl-btn H-Sounds

This button toggles the hurdle sound effects – the clapping or gasps when a pony clears or faults on a hurdle – on and off.

This button will only effect hurdles with the same Course ID number as this Start / Finish Line.

sl-btn L-Sounds This toggles on and off the sound effects played when a pony crosses the Start / Finish Line.
 sl-btn Blind Hurdles This button toggles the Blind Hurdle option on and off.  When turned on, Blind Hurdle causes the next hurdle the pony has to jump to emit a sound so they can locate it while blindfolded.
sl-btn Move

Sets the movement mode for the course.  When set to Walk any pony that runs is immediately disqualified.

If the movement mode has been changed you should use the Calc Time button to recalculate the median time for the course in order to generate accurate scores.

sl-btn Calc Time

This button counts the number of hurdles in this course, calculates the distance between them, then generates a median time for completing the course based on that information and the movement mode.  The Start / Finish Line uses this plus any individual hurdle handicaps which may be set to generate a score for each pony that completes the course.

Any changes to the course such as moving a hurdle or changing the movement mode should be followed with a Calc Time.

sl-btn Full Reset Sends a signal to all of the hurdles with the same Course ID number triggering a script reset.  This also resets the Start / Finish Line script.