{SV} Scoreboard Settings Menu

The Score Board not only displays results from the courses, it also saves all of the data it receives to an external database for future reference, and provides a means to search the database for specific data.

Most of the Score Boards operations are handled from the control panel at the bottom of the Score Board itself.  The Settings menu allows the Score Board to be configured to work in your specific environment by setting the following options:

sb-btn Up Arrowsb-btn Board ID Caption Buttonsb-btn Down Arrow

The up and down arrows allow you to change the Board ID number which is used by the Start / Finish Line to report the results of a race.  You can have multiple Score Boards in a region, but each must use a unique Board ID number.

More than one Start / Finish Line can report to the same Score Board.  Simply set all of the Start / Finish Line’s which are to report to the same Score Board to use the same Board ID.

The center Board ID: button is merely a label and clicking it will do nothing.

sb-btn Settings Menu Access Toggles the Settings menu access level from Owner – meaning that only the avatar who owns this Score Board can access the Settings menu, to Group – meaning that any member of the same group as the Score Board with the group tag active can access the Settings menu.
sb-btn Board Name

Sets the name for this Score Board.  Names can be up to 15 letters long and should be unique and descriptive.

The Score Board name is used to organize data saved to the database, so while it is not typically seen in world, it is important when managing multiple Score Boards.

sb-btn Reset Texture The Reset Textures button simply resets the Score Board’s textures back to the original textures in the event that they accidentally get changed.
sb-btn DB History

All of the data received by a Score Board is saved to a database using a Score Board Identification or SBID.  The SBID is generated the first time a new Score Board is rezzed and won’t normally change.

The DB History button allows you to change the SBID – which in turn changes the data which is visible to this Score Board. Clicking it will display a list of the Board Names of all known Score Boards owned by the person who owns this Score Board. Selecting one of those names will change this board’s Board Name and SBID so that it becomes a duplicate of the one you’ve selected.

More detailed information on using DB History can be found here.

sb-btn Settings Reset This button resets all of the scripts in the Score Board.
sb-btn Close Closes the Settings menu.  This is more or less the same as Ignore, but clicking it releases some of the script resources that are normally used by the menu system.