Building Your First Steeple Course – The Start / Finish Line

The start/finish line is the heart of each steeple course.  In addition to the named functions of starting and finishing a race it also manages timing, collects fault data from the hurdles, monitors for things like running or flying, and reports race results to the Score Board or Score Recorder as well as displaying a brief race recap at the end of each run.

If you’re still wearing your Course Builder HUD you can rez a Start Line from it, or you can rez it directly from inventory.  Since there’s only one Stare Lin per course we’ll do the necessary set up using the built in menus, so go ahead and position your Start Line, then click the Settings button which will give you a menu something like this one:

Start Line Main Menu

Sorry for the sort of unfriendly look of it.  This is one of those situations where SL’s 512 character limit in menu pop ups really stands out.

Let’s start out with some of the Course Settings.