{SV} Scoreboard DB History

The Score Board records all of the results it receives to a database.  As Score Boards are rezzed, moved, deleted and so on it may become necessary to set a Score Board to display data which was collected and stored by another Score Board.  This is done using the DB History function from the Settings menu.

The DB History menu will display the names of up to nine existing Score Board records at a time.  Clicking one of these names will reassign this Score Board so that it becomes a duplicate of the one you selected.

Please note; you will still need to set the Board ID and Menu Access for this board as that information is not stored in the database.

In addition to the list of existing Score Board records the DB History menu has several navigation buttons:

sb-btn DB History Previous This button will go back to the previous “page” of Score Board names.
sb-btn DB History Main The Main button will return to the Settings menu.  It is very important that you use this button if you choose not to use one of the listed Score Boards.  If you do not the board may “hang” in a setup state and require a script reset to resume functioning.
sb-btn DB History Next Steps to the next page of Score Board names.  If this button is blank  then you’ve reached the end of the list of pre-exiting Score Boards.