{SV} TelePortals

I know what you’re thinking – “Mina and Carina have lost their minds, SL is lousy with teleporters”, and you’re right, we have lost our minds, but that was years ago and has nothing to do with the TelePortal which is very different from other teleporters.

“Different how” you’re asking, right? Man I’m like Uri Geller with all the mind reading – y’know except for me not being a total fake (James Randi rocks!).

Sorry, where was I? Ahh, right, the TelePortal not only teleports avatars from one portal to another simply by walking through it using the SL Experience system, it can also teleport vehicles and their passengers.

So, yeah. Let’s see the spoon bender do that!

Oh I should mention that the TelePortal only works within a sim.  No short cuts across sim boundries I’m afraid 🙂

Setting up a pair of TelePortals is a grueling test of patience and determination. Nah just kidding, it’s both easy AND peasy:

Rez, rotate, and position the TelePortals anywhere in the sim. The system only works within the same sim.

Edit both TelePortals and change the Object Descriptions so that they’re the same:

It doesn’t matter what you change the descriptions to except each pair of portals have to have the same descriptions, and no other portals can use the same description.

Reset the scripts and your TelePortals are set up.  Seriously, you MUST reset scripts! This includes you Carina 🙂

You’ll also need to add my DSS Experience Key to your land – here’s my picture heavy how to in case you’re not familiar with the process. It only needs to be done once then you’re all set forever and ever 🙂

Once that’s done any avatar that walks into one will come out the other one – they may have to accept the Experience permission pop up if this is the first time they’ve used one of my experience powered gizmos, but once that’s done SL will remember it and use that permission going forward.

There’s a tiny bit more that has to be done for vehicles to work. In addition to the TelePortals you should also have a {SV} TelePortal Vehicle.lsl script.  This is how the portals communicate with vehicles so you’ll need to add it to anything that you want to use with the TelePortals.  Just rez and edit the vehicle you want to be TelePortable, and drop the script into the vehicle ***. Bing bang boom you’re done. Now driving the vehicle into one TelePortal will instantly teleport the vehicle along with its passengers to its matching TelePortal.

Oh, if you’re using a vehicle rezzer make certain to pick up the vehicle you just added the {SV} TelePortal Vehicle.lsl script to, then replace the vehicle in the rezzer with the modified one containing the {SV} TelePortal Vehicle.lsl script.

*** Important safety tip – I can’t imagine that any vehicle maker in SL sells no copy vehicles, but just in case you somehow managed to wind up with such a thing, I would strongly suggest NOT using the TelePortal script with it.  There’s nothing that I’m aware of that will cause a problem, but I’d hate for something to go wrong and have someone wind up losing a no-copy vehicle.